With our 2022/2023 shelter season upon us, we’re gathering donations of items that will help us run a safe and accommodating shelter for our guests. If you have any of these items and are willing to donate them, please email us at giving@lamoilleshelter.org

Shelter Wishlist


Multi chargers (with all phone types)

Charging blocks for phones


Coffee maker 

Electric can opener

Utensil set for serving (with soup ladle) 

Plastic shower caddy 

Paper Towels

Trash Bags (kitchen & bathroom)

Dish washer detergent

Tide Pods

Dryer Sheets

Air freshener

Zip lock bags (all sizes)

Storage containers for leftovers (all sizes) 


Coffee filters

Aluminum foil

Womens/Mens Deodorant

Hair brushes

Nail clippers

Poly Grip (2-3 tubes)

Denture Cleaning Tablets (1-2 boxes) 

First Aid supplies 

Antiseptic wipes/spray

Calamine lotion 

Large gauze pads

Gauze rolls

Medical tape

Burn Cream 

Eye Wash




Other spices


Cooking spray

Men underwear (all sizes)

Women’s underwear (all sizes)

Perishable food needs, on going: 


Coffee creamer/half and half

Breakfast items: eggs, cereal, oatmeal, burritos, pop tarts, yogurt, frozen waffles, syrup, sausage

Individual snack foods: granola bars. crackers, small bags of chips, fruit, any snack items